Shared Task 2016

The 2016 CLPsych Shared Task was centered on the automatic triage of posts from a mental health forum, is an online youth mental health service the provides information, tools and support to young people aged 14-25. A key part of this service are the ReachOut forums. The forums provide a method for young people to communicate with each other about issues anonymously, as well as a trained team of moderators for providing specific support and guidance to users. Moderators also escalate concerns about particular posts (e.g., in the case of self-harm) where needed; this shared task looks towards supporting the moderators with automatic triage of posts.

For this task, ReachOut annotated a corpus of posts with a red/amber/green semaphore that indicates how urgently a post needs needs moderator attention. Systems needed to leverage the content of posts, including sentiment, topics, thread context, and user history to classify posts as red/amber/green. This task motivated research in these specific areas, as well as the broader topic of classifying mental health topics in social media. In addition, ReachOut itself is interested in working with the researchers to integrate the developed techniques back into the ReachOut systems.

This year’s CLPsych Shared Task was organized by Glen Pink, Ben Hachey, David Milne, and Rafael Calvo at the University of Sydney.

Please join the CLPsych’2016 shared task Google group if you are interested in participating in this shared task.