Program 2019

Thursday June 6, 2019

9:00–9:15: Opening Remarks

9:15–10:30: Workshop Session I

Presentations with Discussant Commentary
  • Towards augmenting crisis counselor training by improving message retrieval
    Orianna Demasi, Marti A. Hearst and Benjamin Rech
  • Identifying therapist conversational actions across diverse psychotherapeutic approaches
    Fei-Tzin Lee, Derrick Hull, Jacob Levine, Bonnie Ray and Kathy McKeown

10:30-10:45: Break

10:45–11:45: Keynote Speaker & Discussion:
Becky Inkster

11:45–12:45: Workshop Session II: Shared Task

Presentations with Discussant Commentary
  • CLPsych 2019 Shared Task: Predicting the Degree of Suicide Risk in Reddit Posts
    Ayah Zirikly, Philip Resnik, Ozlem Uzuner and Kristy Hollingshead
  • CLaC at CLPsych 2019: Fusion of Neural Features and Predicted Class Probabilities for Suicide Risk Assessment Based on Online Posts
    Elham Mohammadi, Hessam Amini and Leila Kosseim
  • Suicide Risk Assessment with Multi-level Dual-Context Language and BERT 
    Matthew Matero, Akash Idnani, Youngseo Son, Sal Giorgi, Huy Vu, Mohammad Zamani, Parth Limbachiya, Sharath Chandra Guntuku and H. Andrew Schwartz

12:45-1:45: Lunch and Poster Session

1:45-2:45: Workshop Session III

Presentations with Discussant Commentary
  • The importance of sharing patient-generated clinical speech and language data
    Kathleen C. Fraser, Nicklas Linz, Hali Lindsay and Alexandra Konig
  • Using natural conversations to classify autism with limited data: Age matters
    Michael Hauser, Evangelos Sariyanidi, Birkan Tunc, Casey Zampella, Edward Brodkin, Robert Schultz and Julia Parish-Morris

2:45-3:45: Workshop Session IV

Presentations with Discussant Commentary
  • Depressed Individuals Use Negative Self-Focused Language When Recalling Recent Interactions with Close Romantic Partners but Not Family or Friends
    Taleen Nalabandian and Molly Ireland
  • Linguistic Analysis of Schizophrenia in Reddit Posts
    Jonathan Zomick, Sarah Ita Levitan and Mark Serper

3:45-4:00: Break

4:00-5:00: Panel

5:00-6:00: Happy Hour and Posters

  • Semantic Characteristics of Schizophrenic Speech
    Kfir Bar, Vered Zilberstein, Ido Ziv, Heli Baram, Nachum Dershowitz, Samuel Itzikowitz and Eiran Vadim Harel
  • Computational Linguistics for Enhancing Scientific Reproducibility and Reducing Healthcare Inequities
    Julia Parish-Morris
  • Temporal Analysis of the Semantic Verbal Fluency Task in Persons with Subjective and Mild Cognitive Impairment
    Nicklas Linz, Kristina Lundholm Fors, Hali Lindsay, Marie Eckerström, Jan Alexandersson and Dimitrios Kokkinakis
  • Mental Health Surveillance over Social Media with Digital Cohorts Silvio Amir, Mark Dredze and John W. Ayers
  • Reviving a psychometric measure: Classification and prediction of the Operant Motive Test
    Dirk Johannßen, Chris Biemann and David Scheffer
  • Coherence models in schizophrenia
    Sandra Just, Erik Haegert, Nora Koˇránová, Anna-Lena Bröcker, Ivan Nenchev, Jakob Funcke, Christiane Montag and Manfred Stede
  • Overcoming the bottleneck in traditional assessments of verbal memory: Modeling human ratings and classifying clinical group membership
    Chelsea Chandler, Peter W. Foltz, Jian Cheng, Jared C. Bernstein, Elizabeth P. Rosenfeld, Alex S. Cohen, Terje B. Holmlund and Brita Elvevag
  • Analyzing the use of existing systems for the CLPsych 2019 Shared Task
    Alejandro González Hevia, Rebeca Cerezo Menéndez and Daniel Gayo-Avello
  • Similar Minds Post Alike: Assessment of Suicide Risk Using a Hybrid Model
    Lushi Chen, Abeer Aldayel, Nikolay Bogoychev and Tao Gong
  • Predicting Suicide Risk from Online Postings in Reddit The UGent-IDLab submission to the CLPysch 2019 Shared Task A
    Semere Kiros Bitew, Giannis Bekoulis, Johannes Deleu, Lucas Sterckx, Klim Zaporojets, Thomas Demeester and Chris Develder
  • CLPsych2019 Shared Task: Predicting Suicide Risk Level from Reddit Posts on Multiple Forums
    Victor Ruiz, Lingyun Shi, Wei Quan, Neal Ryan, Candice Biernesser, David Brent and Rich Tsui
  • Suicide Risk Assessment on Social Media: USI-UPF at the CLPsych 2019 Shared Task
    Esteban Rissola, Diana Ramírez-Cifuentes, Ana Freire and Fabio Crestani
  • Using Contextual Representations for Suicide Risk Assessment from Internet Forums
    Ashwin Karthik Ambalavanan, Pranjali Dileep Jagtap, Soumya Adhya and Murthy Devarakonda
  • An Investigation of Deep Learning Systems for Suicide Risk Assessment
    Michelle Morales, Prajjalita Dey, Thomas Theisen, Daniel Belitz and Natalia Chernova
  • ConvSent at CLPsych 2019 Task A: Using Post-level Sentiment Features for Suicide Risk Prediction on Reddit
    Kristen Allen, Shrey Bagroy, Alex Davis and Tamar Krishnamurti
  • Dictionaries and Decision Trees for the 2019 CLPsych Shared Task
    Micah Iserman, Taleen Nalabandian and Molly Ireland