CLPsych 2018 Poster Session

Using contextual information for automatic triage of posts in a peer-support forum

Authors:  Edgar Altszyler, Ariel J. Berenstein, David Milne, Rafael A. Calvo and Diego Fernandez Slezak

Hierarchical neural model with attention mechanisms for the classification of social media text related to mental health

Authors:  Julia Ive, George Gkotsis, Rina Dutta, Robert Stewart and Sumithra Velupillai

Cross-cultural differences in language markers of depression online

Authors:  Kate Loveys, Jonathan Torrez, Alex Fine, Glen Moriarty and Glen Coppersmith

Deep Learning for Depression Detection of Twitter Users

Authors:  Ahmed Husseini Orabi, Prasadith Buddhitha, Mahmoud Husseini Orabi and Diana Inkpen

Helping or Hurting? Predicting Changes in Users’ Risk of Self-Harm Through Online Community Interactions

Authors:  Luca Soldaini, Timothy Walsh, Arman Cohan, Julien Han and Nazli Goharian

RSDD-Time: Temporal Annotation of Self-Reported Mental Health Diagnoses

Authors:  Sean MacAvaney, Bart Desmet, Arman Cohan, Luca Soldaini, Andrew Yates, Ayah Zirikly and Nazli Goharian

Dynamics of an idiostyle of a Russian suicidal blogger

Authors:  Tatiana Litvinova, Olga Litvinova and Pavel Seredin

Within and Between-Person Differences in Language Used Across Anxiety Support and Neutral Reddit Communities

Authors:  Molly Ireland and Micah Iserman

Predicting Human Trustfulness from Facebook Language

Authors:  Mohammadzaman Zamani, Anneke Buffone and H. Andrew Schwartz

Current and Future Psychological Health Prediction using Language and Socio-Demographics of Children for the CLPysch 2018 Shared Task

Authors:  Sharath Chandra Guntuku, Salvatore Giorgi and Lyle Ungar

Predicting Psychological Health from Childhood Essays. The UGent-IDLab CLPsych 2018 Shared Task System.

Authors:  Klim Zaporojets, Lucas Sterckx, Johannes Deleu, Thomas Demeester and Chris Develder

Predicting Psychological Health from Childhood Essays with Convolutional Neural Networks for the CLPsych 2018 Shared Task (Team UKNLP)
Authors: Anthony Rios, Tung Tran and Ramakanth Kavuluru

Can adult mental health be predicted by childhood future-self narratives? Insights from the CLPsych 2018 Shared Task

Authors:  Kylie Radford, Louise Lavrencic, Ruth Peters, Kim Kiely, Ben Hachey, Scott Nowson and Will Radford

A Psychologically Informed Approach to CLPsych Shared Task 2018
Authors:  Almog Simchon and Michael Gilead